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Client of the driver of SeDi


"The client of the driver of SeDi" this new and modern software solution for taxi drivers of the companies. The Client of the Driver of SeDi program allows drivers to turn the phone into full-fledged control office and to secure orders in only one contact. The main advantages "The client of the driver of SeDi" are:- GPS taximeter which allows not only to consider the sum for payment, but also a waiting time of the client, and as time carried out to ways.- The automated control system for orders, allows to secure new orders in real time, and to start order execution only one contact suffices- The system of advanced orders will remind you that you need to go to order. If you are not in the program, of it to you will remind your calendar. - Auctions will allow you to bargain for the order with other drivers, in this case you solve, whether you want to secure this order or not.And it just minimum of opportunities of our program.If you were interested by work with the Client of the Driver of SeDi appendix, simply download it to itself on the device.